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Muda Clan It's really difficult to pick a favorite track of mine on this album, as every one of them is super heavy and brings something new and exciting to the entire project. This is one of those rare albums that comes around and breathes new life into both the listener and the genre. ToTheArk is inspiring and sets the bar higher for music to come. Excellent job all around. Favorite track: Of My Hardships, Transpired.
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brineryte This album is certainly a long time in the making, but nonetheless, it is a masterpiece. From riveting and brutal riffs to the hauntingly solemn and melancholy atmosphere and on to the mysterious and painstakingly crafted lyrics, this album keeps me coming back for more and more. If you love math-heavy progressive metal, absolutely beautiful melodies, or just some good old fashioned headbanging, this album delivers all of that and more. 10/10 Favorite track: Solipsis.
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paulabennett13 This album is choke full of emotion lyrically, musically, and it touches on many different 'genres' of metal. It is much more than just a metal album with its 'ensemble' of vocals, tastefully done dynamics, and starts to tread into the 'progressive' realm when played in rotation. It takes the listener on an aural journey that I quite enjoy. The production is top notch and sounds very professionally done. Personally, one of my favorite purchases this year as it ends up in rotation quite a bit.
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released October 11, 2018


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ToTheArk Lutherville Timonium, Maryland

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Track Name: Solipsis
If this world would keep its silence / Then the tide below would beckon me forward / I’ll never forget that day I chose to leave myself / Abandon this body / The flickering of this deafening memory echoes into eternity / The motionless of the masses has always seemed to me frightening / Their faces are discord / Thank God I can’t hear their voices / In desperation I reach into the dead air only to find myself / I will bring this to an end / Ask me why I’m vindictive / I’ve become so numb / Now break beneath the endless tide, under the empty sky / They won’t dare say anything / For we lay still to die in motion / Can’t hear her words, it was the only thing / Ringing / Calling out to me, begging me to step back, turn away / Look into these eyes for the last time / And tell the truth, what do you see in me? / This illusion lacks color / I watch it consuming you and me / The ocean will welcome me / My own glass sanctuary / The deep opens up to receive me / Void / The sole entity that perceives me
Track Name: Liminal
Above the waters closed and trapped me within my sanctuary / An unexpected, restless void / An unknown destination / For no angels have sang their songs / No regal trumpet has sounded its call / Temptations flames hasn’t left its singe / For darkness surrounds me / Resaturate the color within this life once lost / No longer will I waste my breathe on this charade / Conscious, not reincarnate / Enlightened only of my mistake / No, my final chapter is a blank page / Return, reclaim / For I have brought myself here with such a bitter tasting leap / Through my own volition / No matter the climb / I will overcome death / But what could I say / Every single word will turn to ash and fade away / What could I say? / Will I stand there and watch my life end this way? / I’ll hoist the anchor and be the life in these tattered sails / Ascending from this darkness / Passing through the veil / So now the ocean has given up its dead, if only for a moment / And I return to myself / Calling / “Well if this world would keep its silence / And the tide below has beckoned me forward / Then I will never escape this instance” / But what could I say?
Track Name: Apotheosis
I’ve traveled so far from home / Seeking the riches, yet I still roam / The legends tell me it must be here / I feel the presence, I must be near / A warm glow emits from a nearby door / My body shakes, a sensation so pure / I’m drawn to this room as if it were meant to be / As if some higher power were calling out to me / Stumbling upon the throne of a god / I find myself urged to follow the impossible footsteps of the one who precedes me / How can one man fill the shoes of a legacy known to all? / I will take it upon myself / These shoes are mine to fill / I now possess the crown of crowns / I have claimed the sacred throne / I have become a god / And what kind of deity should I be? / Humanity’s enemy? / I have become a god, but at what a cost? / I have become a god, unholy black sun / I can’t believe my eyes as the rain fall from the sky / What have I done? / What kind of monster have I become? / What’s done is done / At the time what seemed like fate was actually personal gain / More than a monster / I feel it leaving / Bicameral grieving / Humanity slipping / My genius ascending / My sanity spiraling / This body dissolving, distorted, evolving / More than a monster / So far from heaven / So fucking far from heaven / What’s done is done
Track Name: Ironside
I cannot accept this as true / Found my life’s purpose in conversations with you / Counterpoint to violent mind, to my excess, is laid to rest / Forgive me for what I’m about to do / I’ve searched and I’ve tried but there is no other way / For you, death was a door / For me, a secret passage into the hollow sanctuary of my adversaries / Open your eyes as I feign closing mine / Withering, yet alive / Mimic their saccharine savior and rise / All of my life has led me to this, I will not fail / Farewell, my love / So long, my sons / I was baptized into deception before this unholy immersion / How foolish must you be not to see that we only made it this far with / Fraud, deceit, bloodshed and treachery? / We are feared as the eye of the storm / Will your dead god hung from a tree descend, intervene? / Fight back as long as you please / You’ll never be rid of me / I’m in your teeth, in your skin, in your bones / I’m under the sea / With the stars / In the stones / March through the streets / Candles and cross held high / Crowds gather round / Thinking the storm passed by / To the altar I sail / Dagger pressed to my chest / It’s time / My sacrifice is satisfied / And the world will finally see my hardships transpired / Now, I rise / And taking them all by surprise / Draw my blade, unafraid / Don’t move / Make my last move - King takes Bishop / I take the crown hostage / Follow me down to the locked gates / To let the nightmare into your dreams / You thought you could hold back the tide / Of history and entropy / We will not meet again in heaven / The blood on my hands made sure of that / Though it grieves me to know that I’ll be alone / Beyond this world, my name will be known
Track Name: Selfsame
So you think you can toss the Veil? / Untether yourself from embodiment? (No) / Soar high above the collisions? / Yet I grant you identity - extruding your distinction indefinitely / Won’t let you fade away / Losing my grip on things I’ve treasured along the way / Well you can’t ask me to forget my own name / Struggle and fight, dissolving memories / While you may cling to self-abandonment / I will continue my own narrative / Yet we’re one and the same after all - dopamine, serotonin and cortisol / We are the Selfsame
Track Name: Sophia
I’ll remember the sea beyond the coming fire / Sword in hand, surrounded / The wind has not blown, the rivers not flowed / The stars and moon have fled this place / Clouds look down in pity as we starve ourselves / But we have no lungs to breathe in this autopsy / It starts with me / My life for this city / Mark the line for the first incision / Negotiations will be quick - my own life for this damned city / They carry the crescent and blot out the sun / Now marching before us / Breathe fear on everyone / The earth is torn open / The oceans recede / This horror before us / We bleed the machine / I’ll remember the sea beyond the coming fire / As the ashes of yesterday fade away, I remain / The approaching fire no longer seen on the horizon / This flame is not purifying / Can’t escape the slow death you are dying / These walls will fall / These gates will fail / And hell will come, assimilate us all / Though they raise up these towers of bone and blood, we must fight on / Don’t turn your back, don’t hide your face / Die with honor in your hearts
Track Name: Melancholia
Monument, unsculpted / Melancholia / Masterpiece, abandoned / Melancholia / Numb limbs guide the pen struggling to name this place I could never see before / A monument, unsculpted / Vision stirs inside, always find my ink runs dry / Or am I going blind again? / Masterpiece, abandoned / Don’t stir / Don’t speak / Don’t breathe / Don’t think / Am I not made to co-create, generate? / With frozen tongue, I stagnate / Without my voice, can’t purify, exorcise / Sorrow wakes, fear arrives / Adrift / An architect with aching hands and failing sight / Builds a prison in his own mind / Believing himself buried within a sarcophagus of his own design / It materialized / No lock, no key / I could be free / By sheer will I free myself / I devour my own melancholia / Savor the daze of melancholia / Exalt the beauty in melancholia / Exit myself through melancholia / I devour my own melancholia / Diving deeper into melancholia / Offer up a prayer to melancholia / I have mastered my melancholia
Track Name: October 11th
Epidemic / A natural form of genocide / A derelict city stained with death / Once was so vibrant, so full and alive / A cold display of natural selection / Scorch the earth / Allow no chance for re-emergence / Remove any viable host / I still remember that fateful day when the first one hit the floor / I still remember the unsettling sight of his contorted face as he died / Alone / Nothing, there is nothing left / Everything is gone / I’ll remember October 11th
Track Name: ToTheArk Pt. 1: Hunted
I can’t shake this false apprehension / Like a shadow that follows too closely / I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again / This is not just a trick of my god damned mind / I’ve fooled myself before and I swore never again / Still this haunting will not cease till I burn this whole world to the ground / Close my eyes, hold my breath / For this lapse in time / My death / I feel it tearing through my mind / It’s something I can’t rewind / Escape through this splitting skull / Now turn to face this devil / Nightfall will welcome us all / But its cold embrace and its empty face / Have become my own / Sinking down to the incandescence I once knew / Blurred lines and echoes as I tear back though / Awake from this tortured sequence / So much time has been lost / Weakened and forgotten / Condemned to repeat this / And I beheld myself, disfigured as that faceless horror and said, “I would rather die” / Turn, Look, Run / The hunter is close behind / And I’m running blind / Don’t you see that man in shadow? / Am I losing my mind? / Condemned to repeat this tortured sequence
Track Name: ToTheArk Pt. 2: Return
So calm, so cold / I’ve caught my breath / I’ve given in / Deep beneath the mask I’ve worn since I came into this world / Stirs something primal / Slowly released by fevered incision / Now internalize this repetition to escape and transcend / The clouds have rolled back / The stars have fallen into the ocean / I can no longer see beyond all these lacerations / Impermanence flees to be replaced by an unobstructed hatred / For the first time, I see with no face / I am the haunting echo of a silent universe / A whisper in the wind / The dysphoria within / Welcoming the Hunter’s Mask / I close my eyes for the last time / Though cold and motionless, I’m still inside / And I fear I’m not alone / Will you guide me? / Even a shattered mirror shimmers in the moonlight / You’ll take me to the ark

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